I agree with Michaela, regardless of being someone’s wife or husband, you can’t be the sole source or major source of your partners happiness. A contributor, sure, but anything more sounds insufferable. #MAFS

Zack and Bao are actually better matched because they’re both people that like to force moments to happen in order for their reality of “a perfect marriage” to exist. #MAFS

With that being said I do feel for Bao but she needs to pull the plug because Johnny doesn’t have the balls to do it. #MAFS

I feel bad for Brett. She really is a gorgeous woman. She could be an actor, she’s just got that look about her, some kind of IT factor. Ryan looks like a built blob, like everything about him just makes me nauseous. #MAFS

The experts literally asked Ryan’s family, if Ryan was ready for marriage, they literally said, “no he’s not.” And the experts still approved him like… #MAFS

I forgot about Rachel & Jose because he’s obviously controlling, he has no plans to support or accompany her international travel plans and he locked her out of their home after berating and gaslighting her like… girl you should’ve been left and never came back. #MAFS

I’m also surprised not at Johnny but at how good this game of volleyball is LMAO. Bao is cute though, love the cheer costume. #MAFS

Zack is such an immature little bitch like… I do not like him. Michaela wants to sleep in separate rooms and Zack finds that to be an issue but doesn’t see a problem with sleeping in a completely separate dwelling? Like… what’s wrong with him? #MAFS

Oh Brett is a volleyball coach? Well no wonder the game went so well. #MAFS

Ooop, Ryan’s sister spilling tea??? Yeah I think she’s onto something, Ryan either creepin with an ex or thinking about an ex. #MAFS

Michaela left and took the seasonings too. Good for her. zack you should’ve taken your ass into that separate room, instead you thought it would be cute to play single and now you’re alone with no seasonings. #MAFS