@selenagomez is honored as the first recipient of the Mental Health Innovations Award “Mentee” for Excellence in #Mentalhealth #Advocacy at our Mental Healthcare Innovations Summit at @StanfordMed @SnyderShot @InstituteGC @letswondermind @rarebeauty innovations.stanford.edu/mental-health-…

@selenagomez is a trailblazer in mental health advocacy and has bravely used her platform to share her own mental health journey including sharing her experience with bipolar in her recent doc #MyMindAndMe.

@selenagomez joined us with @ElyseCohen at the summit to talk about her work expanding #mentalhealth care resources, including through @letswondermind co-founded with her mother @ItsMandyTeefey_ and her stigma-free beauty brand @rarebeauty.

@StanfordHIL @selenagomez @StanfordMed @SnyderShot @InstituteGC @letswondermind @rarebeauty @ArielBGanz My daughter like you is alone and suffers a lot because of it . No one appreciates her as a wonderful person . vm.tiktok.com/ZMF5reotM/

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