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Now that it’s been a couple days… It was kinda funny how long the blocked punt was in the air and how no one knew where the heck the ball was, right? #Packers

The #Packers failures have come in all areas - coaching, roster construction, player performance, you name it. The Rodgers era in particular has been riddled with failure. To have a QB of that magnitude and only go to one Super Bowl is an epic failure.…

The simple fact everyone who knows anything about football knows to squib kick the ball and to not just let guys catch 25 yard passes and the HC didn’t at the time - it’s the same guy who cost them in season with in-game decisions - the #Bills pulled a 2014 #Packers

How about this @jasonjwilde @MarkTauscher65 Packers Special teams "lost" the game, 12 failed to "win" it. #Packers

49ers giving me PTSD….. still not over Saturday yet sigh #Packers

#Packers went on 10 play-69 yd (Nice) TD drive to open #49ers game, GB 9 possessions after: -3 pts -194 yds, 75 on blown coverage before H -Take 75-yarder away -45 plays 119 yards: 2.6 per play. -5 3 & outs -6 punts -Fumble -Blocked FG, Punt -No pts last 11:30 of game @KNBR

Kind of insane to think that in his probable 2nd in a row MVP season, this season ultimately changed the perception of Aaron Rodgers' legacy for the worse. It certainly did mine. #Packers #Rodgers

This is a point I’ve tried to stress to #Packers fans repeatedly who lashed out at me throughout the years when I’ve been critical of the team despite its regular season success. When you have a HOF QB, regular season success isn’t the barometer. Postseason success is.…

Congratulations Mr Daniel Note if there is any delay in your payment please bear with me and you have performed all your requirements and if you have not please do so immediately thanks #Brady #UFC270 #Packers #FreedomConvoy2022 #Ukraine #SFvsGB #Moreno #GreenBay

Let's say the large segment of #Packers fans get their wish and Rodgers wants to leave. #49ers fans, would you trade Lance for Rodgers? I would. Imagine Deebo/Kittle/Aiyuk with one of the greatest arms ever slinging it to them. They could make up for botching Brady 2 yrs ago lol

If any coworkers ask me about how I’m feeling after the #Packers loss, I’m going to report them to HR for harassment and possibly a HIPAA violation.

One of the guys I feel really bad for is Randall Cobb. He did everything in his power to return from injury for this Playoffs and a potential SB run, all for that… What a letdown for one of my favorite #Packers. He deserves a ring so much! I really want him to win one!

Coming up @910TheFan the great #NFLPlayoff weekend, @DougRussell at 1230pm on #Packers fallout, #VCU hoops and rest of A-10 with @wayneeppsjr 130pm, and former #NFL TE Logan Paulson on post season and @WashingtonNFL 2pm.

Today would be a great day for @AaronRodgers12 to retire since he cares more about vaccine and election misinformation than football and for @POTUS to cancel student loan debt. #Packers #studentloanforgiveness

Former #Packers OT speaking facts. Watch the game as many times as you want, there were multiple points where we could’ve won it with wide open guys. The problem was they weren’t named Davante Adams.…

Hey where are all the #Packers fans? they are always yelling about how great the team is and loving 🥰 on Aaron Rodgers! Oh that’s right they pulled a Discount Double Choke on Saturday! Eat the cheese 🧀 Packers nation!! #GreenBayPackers

Rashan Gary disse que não estava pronto para se concentrar no que precisa para melhorar durante a próxima offseason. Ele estava se preparando para jogar a final da NFC. Esta equipe #Packers ainda está chocada com o fim da temporada. 🗞️@MK_Burgess

1st Baker n the #Browns miss the playoffs. Then Rodgers n the #Packers get knocked out in the Divisional Rd. Ooowwweee @ColinCowherd is gonna have a field day. 😂😂 This is enough to last him til August. I’ll be tuned in to @TheHerd today w/the popcorn ready! @JoyTaylorTalks

Update. The latest caller tried to describe the #packers loss in terms of the card game SHEEPSHEAD. Describing the powerful cards you'd hold in that game to frame how epic the collapse was by the team. They're talking in Wisconsin Code.

GOOOOOD MORNING ☕ @TrevBeggs CALLS Kyle back to talk about uhhh...📞 - The Packers DISSAPOINT again 🥲 - Will @astrobhawan be the same? 🚫 - Is Aaron Rodgers tHaT guy? ⚠️ #packers #AaronRodgers LISTEN EVERYWHERE ⬇️ 🍳

The "type of team" you have, is usually where its supposed to be right now. And the #Packers are exactly where they should be. Apparently myself and Jessup are the only ones who pay any attention lol.…

I know it's been two days but I can't stop picturing Aaron Rodgers walking off the field at Lambeau, probably for the last time. Damn, this loss really shook #Packers fans to our core.

The same GM who blew picks, gave us no depth thereby killing ST, refused to legitimately pursue OBJ or a replacement TE when MVS & Tonyan were hurt, resigned King, etc-BG apparently was “all in” - the entire problem started because of how he was with multiple #Packers legends

When you need to celebrate the #Packers demise a little while longer but still gotta get work done ✅ #Bears

The reason why millennials are constantly seeking/searching better/job hopping is because they don’t want to be Aaron Rodgers. Being told to climb the corporate ladder and getting backstabbed by upper management/corporate. The #Packers have failed Aaron Rodgers.

Younger guys stepping up in the player availability pressers - they get it #Packers

The accountability here is off the charts, He was arguably the best player on the field for either team Sat might and yet he still feel like he could/should have done more, wow! #PackersTwitter #Packers #GoPackGo…

The 🤡 “evaluators” in full protect BG & #Packers mode - already on the move on from Rodgers flow-same will be calling for Love, BG, and LaFLeur’s replacement in 2 years or less, protected MM & company as well-don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe…the 70’s & 80’s we’re bad

@NFL_DovKleiman Looks like the last five years of him attempting to become less of an insufferable 💩 #Packers

#GoPackGo #NFL #NFLUK - I personally don't care who wins now my beloved #Packers are out. All I know is...

@AllenLazard Be ready! You will be the #1 guy next year. Loved watching you play. #IAboy #Packers

Is that the first time the #Packers lost back to back games under MLF?

Many #Vikings fans are celebrating what's come to be an annual holiday: #Packers playoff elimination. @RandBall on this year's 'Schadenfreude Saturday.'

Happy Monday! How we feeling after the best @NFL games we have had in a long time!! #BillsMafia #KansasCityChiefs #Packers #Niners

"If the MVP Quarterback played a C or a B- football game, they're still playing." -@MarkTauscher65 Join us for more #Packers reactions on 94.5 @ESPNMilwaukee & 100.5 @ESPNMadison. Miss any of the conversation? SUBSCRIBE for full show podcasts:

Join @AhmanGreen30 and I today 12:20 CST for the #ONMYBLOCK podcast - live on YouTube on the #process2perform channel! Lots of takeaways from the #packers heartbreaker, where we go from here, and all the action from the #NFLPlayoffs @BleavPodcasts @AndyHermanNFL @GBPdaily

#Packers Rashan Gary said he learned so much from Aaron Rodgers without even talking to him (if that makes sense).

"That's a pro's pro." Rashan Gary on Aaron Rodgers' leadership #Packers

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